Our Story

Enriching Well-being

Ikaati began in the hearts of our founders, a family raised in the Asian custom of sharing tea with meals and conversation, with laughter and friends.They had a passion for tea and the desire to share it.

With the vision of creating unique tea experiences, they developed three collections based on the simple philosophy that our well-being is enriched by health, pleasure and beauty.

Nourish is a collection of organic herbal infusions that nurture the body and mind. Mastered for pleasure, Savor delight the senses with captivating aromas. Heritage is pure beauty, with single-estate teas from fabled tea gardens of the world.

Steeped In Culture

Every tea is slowly handcrafted for intimate delight in each detail. From faceted flavors to complex aromas, Ikaati creates a tea experience that is rooted in tradition yet adapted to modern living.

A Precious Craft

Ikaati is culled from the world’s finest tea gardens, tended by devoted farmers and crafted with only the most exceptional tea leaves, herbs and flowers.

Our teas are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. To learn more about our quality standard, please view the Product section of our FAQ page.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to preserving the environment that brings forth nature's precious gifts. We work with farmers that adhere to uncompromising standards of organic and sustainable practices.

Our mission is to deliver the freshest teas in packaging that has the least ecological impact. From plant-based biodegradable tea pouches to recycled contents in our packaging materials, we continue to find ways to protect the environment.

Ikaati is certified organic by QAI and Kosher by Orthodox Union.